The Ancient One is 95

We are moved. There is nothing left in Arkansas but friends and memories and pieces of our hearts.

We are settling into life here…and it is good. The day that the new owners moved into their new house, The Ancient One turned 95. There is much to celebrate, and how better than a three course Sweden-inspired meal for a lady we all love so much.

It was beautiful. And delicious.


12 thoughts on “The Ancient One is 95

      1. *Mouth is watering*… “Hehe, Hey Sarah… Why don’t you come to Texas for a vacation…. you can use my oven ANYTIME!” ;D

  1. Sage…you are an amazing photographer!!! Love the way you put this all together. I hope you’ll have time to post more reflections of life as you see it in your own special way. 🙂

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