Three Thousand Miles to Say Goodbye

At first I was upset that my month off was in January. I wanted to go to Maine…but Maine in January seemed a bit unfeasible. And I wanted to go with my three sisters and friend, Alicia. But January didn’t work for them.

I should have known…I should have trusted. God knew…He had a plan. Why didn’t I trust?

One of the places I have loved most in my life is my grandparents house in Annapolis, Maryland. So many good times and great memories. So much love. Things changed a lot for me as a child, but that house was always the same. Always there.

Things change. And there is a time to let go even when we don’t want to. My grandparents died, but my father and uncle held on to the house. I’m so glad. It would have been too much to let go of all at once.

Now though, the house is on the market. I’m sure it will sell soon. I will be forever grateful that Tera and I were able to go say goodbye…and January was the perfect time to go.

We had such a great trip, too. Started off with a beautiful latte our brother Caleb made for us to take on the road. Tera and I talked all the way to Birmingham, Alabama, and then went on to have a lunch that turned into a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring time of fellowship with our friend Jacob in Atlanta. We didn’t give him much advanced notice, but it worked out, and we were blessed.

Then we went on to spend two nights with our friends, the DiMaria’s, near Charleston, SC. It had been too long since we’d seen them, but again Tera and I were so blown away by their hospitality, friendship and the amazing fellowship we enjoyed. They made us feel so loved and welcome….and blessed.

Ice and snow seemed to follow us all the way to Annapolis, but never caught up. It was cold though…so very cold when we arrived at the quiet, empty house around 11:00 o’clock on Monday night. Tera ventured out of the truck and ran up to open the lock box that the realtor had on the door so that we could get in. We were tired. And cold. Shivering, in fact. And the code didn’t work. Good thing Dad is in a time zone so many hours earlier and we didn’t have to disturb his sleep. Tera called and he gave her another code to try. No luck. The neighbor had keys, but we didn’t want to bother them so late at night, so we went to a hotel. O’Callaghan’s is nearby, and when we were cozy and warm in our comfy beds there, we kept talking about how perfectly things were working out…how we didn’t have to unload or turn the heat up or settle in – just crash, sleep in, and go over in the morning. It was lovely.

IMG_1956 (Copy)

We did go over in the morning, and had a wonderful few days at the house. Just being there. Absorbing all we could, reliving memories…slowly coming to terms with letting go.

We were able to see our “aunts”, take walks, visit some neighbors and relatives of Papa’s…fit a lot into those few days.

It was all perfect. Sunday we loaded up some of our grandmother’s furniture and rugs, and headed home – through a perfect window of good weather and clear roads. Now it’s snowy and wet outside, but we are home – dry and safe and warm.

It was perfect.

Thank you, Dad and Suze, for letting us have that time before the house sells. We do understand your decision…really we do.

And if the house doesn’t sell for some reason, we won’t mind…

Unless your last name is Dahlby.
Unless your last name is Dahlby.

Of course I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Actually, I pray that whoever buys the house will experience at least half the love and wonder in it that we did. Then they will be happy indeed.

We stopped at a wonderful little coffee shop in Cookeville, Tennessee yesterday. They had a very cool “Pay It Forward” board and Tera and I couldn’t help but leave something. Felt like a very fitting way to end this trip….



10 thoughts on “Three Thousand Miles to Say Goodbye

  1. I’m so thankful for email subscriptions, blogs, and the talented people who share their hearts!! Thank you for allowing me to journey with you! To smile and tear up, to pray and to trust… Love you, Dear Lady!!

  2. Thanks for the including others on your trip. The pictures were amazing and the story was even better. It is great to get away even if it is only in your mind.

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