Home Is…

Home is walking into the house and not having to say who you are.

Home is making a batch of cookies and having them all disappear within two hours.

Home is being in my pajamas and not combing my hair until 2 in the afternoon on some days, just because I’m busy doing other things and it doesn’t matter.

Home is long talks with Mom or my sisters.

Home is crazy with people coming and going at all hours and not being sure who is home or when.

Home is hashing out internal conflicts until it makes less sense than it did before you started – and then maybe doing it all over again with the next person that innocently walks into the room.

Home is laughing till you cry at Andy Griffith or Caleb’s most recent pun.

Home is changing…always changing…because the people that make up “home” are human and humans change.

Home is two hours of Bible study on Sunday morning without realizing two hours had gone by.

Home is praying together…which is too beautiful for words.

Home is watching Mom paint beautiful pictures…starting with a blank canvas which shortly becomes colorful amazingness.

Home is sharing news and happenings and encounters.

Home is chair legs scraping on the dining room floor, and a long table set for six feeling like too many people are missing.

Home is respecting differing opinions…or telling each other that we’re crazy but that’s okay.

Home is spontaneous hugs from my brothers, because “you can never have too many hugs”.

Home is rolling eyes and careless words and hurt feelings and love that overcomes all of that.

Home is refuge.

Home is rest.

Home is….home. And I am so thankful for that.


It’s A Conspiracy

It all started while chatting with my young niece the other day. She lives half a continent away, you see…so we were instant messaging. Just sharing little things, talking about new hairstyles and parties and cupcakes. Then my very young, adorable niece innocently asked,

What is your main goal for 2014?

Ummmm…..right. Should I tell my wonderful little niece (who informed me that she has 13 goals on her list) that I haven’t even THOUGHT about goals or lists or 2014?

Um…I want to get really good on my pottery wheel.


Another of my goals is to blog more. I haven’t done much at all lately.
Wow…thanks a lot most-adorable-niece. Now you’ve got me thinking about all the things I need to/want to do.
I needed that. I did indeed need that little push.
Then it was like a conspiracy. WordPress kindly sent me my year end stats…informing me that I had blogged a total of 5 times on “Something Sage” in the last year. WHAT?!?! Only 5??? I knew I was out of the loop, but really?
But you see, it’s okay for WordPress to do that since they then offered me a solution. Zero-to-Hero, here I come! Not sure about the hero part, but I’m done with zero.
So today, I will introduce myself.
I’m Sage.
I like to write. It helps me sort things out and work things through.  Crazy to call myself a writer though.
I’m kinda crazy.
I like to play music – feels like music has always been a part of my life. I’ve never stuck to one instrument enough to be good at it, and couldn’t call myself a musician with a straight face.
I smile often.
I like to be creative – it brings color to life. Thinking of myself as an artist makes me laugh.
I like to laugh.
I’m an auntie to 2 nieces and a nephew, a sister to 8, a daughter to 4, a granddaughter to…9, I think. My life is surrounded by family. I love that.
I’m learning that what you seek in life is what you find, so we must be careful of what we seek.
I want to seek first the Kingdom of God. I want to find truth. I want to pursue love and grace.
I am shown such love and grace by God and others. I hope to show others that such love and grace are real…and available.
I’m Sage.