My Mother’s Website…and Giveaway

I am so proud of my mother.

Not only has she been making some beautiful art (which you can see and enjoy here), and not only is that art being carried in a real live art gallery in Guthrie, Oklahoma, but she also built her own website…and made a calendar which can be purchased on said website. (I got mine in the mail the other day. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!)


She’s doing a giveaway….which I’m being really slow to pass along to you – so you’d better just pop on over to her website and leave a comment to be entered to win. Better do it now. Like…now.

Cause time is short…and I really, really, really want YOU to win!


Please see my mom’s comment below for directions on how to enter the giveaway. Cause I forgot to add that little bit of information. Go Sage!!