Portrait of a Chicken

So how do you like your chicken?





On the….claw? (On the hoof sounds so much better, doesn’t it?)

Someone I know and love seems to have gone a bit chicken crazy.

Which is very amusing to me.

She is really getting into the whole feathery fowl world. And guess what….she’s picking her breeds of chicken based on the color of their eggs. That’s the kind of artist she is. So very cool.

So…how about chicken on the wall?

That’s right, folks. My chicken-crazy mother has painted an amazing portrait of a chicken. And she’s giving it away. That’s right, folks. Step right up and comment on her blog.  Best hurry right on over though…you have to have your comment in by the 19th. What’s not to love about a chicken on your wall? Or…you could hang it in your chicken coop! Then Niemen Marcus will have nothing on you!