Introducing Roger

So….how many blogs does a girl need, you might ask.

And that’s a good question.

I post most often by far on my Appreciation Blog. And even though it was supposed to be a 365 project, I’ve decided to keep it going for a very, very long time. Totally purposeful decision there, you know. Of course. Good things don’t always have to end, right? (Okay, the truth is that I’m a horrible procrastinator. But you already knew that.)

On this blog, my “Something Sage”…it’s sort of this and that, whenever I feel especially like posting. Or something.

But when I met Roger…I knew I needed a blog just for him. Just for all that may, or may not, be him.

My heart trembles as I offer him to you. After all…he’s very dear to me. And what if you don’t understand him? What if you don’t get him? What if you don’t like him?!?!

Still…he’s part of me.  And it feels like it’s time to introduce him to you.

Are you terribly curious by now?

Well, without further adieu….

Meet Roger.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Roger

  1. Hmmm, the discussion between Tera and I about “how many blogs does a person need” is actually how I first met Roger. Roger and I were destined to met…this I have no doubt. I just know he has lots to tell and I am eager to hear his side of the story. So, glad he has now been properly introduced. 😀

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