Where Do They Come From?

I woke up and looked at the clock. 3:33, to be exact.

Funny. “3” is my “special” number.

But it was much too early to be awake….even if it was cool to see 3:33.

I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Waking up again….I looked at the clock.



Too tired to even think through that one, I closed my eyes again and sighed, blissfully remembering the nights of nothingness I took for granted.

Curiosity prompted me to look at the clock again.



I think there is a movie like that…but I haven’t seen it in years.

Once more I woke up…



Then I woke up. And realized it had all been a dream. Waking up over and over again throughout the night makes for some crazy rest. Even if you aren’t really waking up.

Ummm…..yep. That happened.

Then last night I dreamed very actively about being in this poor part of a big city, and holding poor, crying, dirty babies and hugging them as I talked to their mothers and tried to help them move to safer places. There were boys on skateboards that I knew by name and we smiled and waved at each other.

I went away, but felt compelled to return. I needed to help these people.

But when I got back, it had been years and years and the place that was so populated was like a ghost town. One man came walking toward me, but he was scary looking and I tried to move away. He called out my name, and then told me that I helped him when he was a boy, and that I hadn’t been afraid of him then. He was still the same person, he explained…so why would I try to run from him? I was confused and frustrated…and thinking.

As I woke up out of this dream, I heard a voice say, “This is what you are preparing for.”

Wow. Dreams are interesting. I like them. Most of them. But where do they come from anyway?


7 thoughts on “Where Do They Come From?

  1. Wow! Unsettling is the word that comes to mind…if I reread it and try to make something of the numbers and the very creepy situation it just is unsettling…I’ll leave my comment like that. Dreams can be very strange…

  2. Your dream feels like a response to your request to “be a conduit of God’s Love. To love and hug the destitute.”
    I’ve wanted to respond to that previous posting —both to thank you for the kind things you said, and to share my frequently uttered, similar prayer: “may I put to good use all the incredible blessings of my life”. Unfortunately my prayer can often come from guilt: “I am so blessed, but am I doing enough to give back?”

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