Why Me, Lord?

Why me, Lord?

Why would you choose this for me?

Why have you blessed me with an incredibly wise and loving mother who has given her life to You and then her husband and her children? Who has shown us how to live a life of surrender and beauty because of You and Your saving grace?

Why do I have a knowing and understanding father who loves me in spite of everything and anything…who would do anything he could for me? Who has supported me in so many ways, who wants only the best for me and would never purposely hurt me?

Two parents who divorced when I was young but handled it all so well, that I have never really felt the drama or had the scars that so many do?

And then, on top of that…a step-dad who has never treated me as anything but his own. And loves, protects and cares for me? Who has led us to walk in Your ways through his example and upbringing?

And a step-mother whose beautiful, caring heart and loving spirit inspires and warms me. Who has taught me also of selflessness and nurturing?

Five handsome, wonderful brothers who I love more than I can say. Who love me and aren’t afraid to say so?

Three beautiful, talented and all-together lovely sisters who are my friends and my inspiration?

The most adorable niece and cutest nephew in the world. My heart smiles just thinking of them!

So many sets of amazing grandparents who have all made me feel loved, appreciated and even smart!

Uncles and aunts and cousins who I love and adore.

Friends, so many loving friends…scattered all over…but here in my heart.

Why me, Lord?

When there are those who have seen the worst this world can produce…and live and smile anyway. Who have been beaten and misunderstood…misused and abused. People who have never had one sincere hug in their lives.

I have more than any one could deserve. You have blessed me overwhelmingly.

Why me, Lord?

Let me be a conduit of all of this love that pours out over my life. Let me love the unloved. Let me be Your arms to hug the destitute. Your hands to serve the hopeless. May the blessings of my life motivate me to bless others.

Thank you, Lord. Let me be worthy.