I feel manipulated. Such a strange feeling. I’m really not sure what to think of it all. Here’s the story…

A couple of years ago I distinctly remember saying that I would never wear orange. I made an exception for “burnt orange”…but no bright orange for me. Who could love that bright, happy color anyway? It was….orange.

My sister loves orange. I always thought that was crazy. And she painted her room yellow AND bright aqua-ish blue….which I also thought was crazy…until I saw it finished. She’s an artist, and has vision. She’s good.

Then in late 2011 I started to notice a lot of orange. And Pantone’s color forecast said tangerine would be THE color of 2012.

Huh? Really???? How could that be? How could they possibly interest enough people in such a garish color???

Well….guess what?

I’ve been manipulated.

I bought an orange teapot.

Orange showed up in the garden…in spite of Grandma’s preference for blue.

We watched this movie that I can’t remember the name of…but the lead actress wore these combinations of yellow, turquoise and orange. Beautiful. It became my new favorite color trio.

I bought an orange top. At first I couldn’t bring myself to wear it in public, but used it for a pajama shirt. It has become one of my most worn summer items. Along with a necklace that I bought that had orange in it. And my orange flip-flops. And orange hair bands.

I have some orange fabric that I thought was so cute I knew I’d be inspired just by owning it.

Somehow I couldn’t pass up the orange hat I saw in a shop in Guthrie.

I have been royally manipulated! I guess that’s how marketing works, no?

However it happened…I love orange. It’s all over my 365 days: fresh appreciation blog. It jumps out at me wherever I go. And now it’s almost the end of the year and all this orange will be outdated right?

But it’s okay. The color forecast for 2013 looks very promising. 😉


Meanwhile…I need to figure out how I feel about being so manipulated!



16 thoughts on “Manipulated

  1. Isn’t it funny how that works…. Like who would think anyone could want to wear bell bottoms? or men wear little pigtails at the nape of their necks? or beehives do’s? or… and the list of fashion wonders goes on and on. I did appreciate seeing the Pantone colors….thanks for the post.

    1. Exactly, Suze!!! I never have understood those little pigtails!!! 😉 I’m amazed at how we can become accustomed to so much that is at first ridiculous or even revolting…and it doesn’t take very long either. Thanks for the comment! Love you!

  2. I came across your post while I was waiting for my eggs to boil for breakfast, and I just glanced at the title when the timer buzzed and I had to get my eggs off the burner. “Manipulated”…you wouldn’t…you couldn’t (well, maybe YOU could) imagine all the thoughts that flew through my head while I set my eggs in my cute chick egg cup, and placed the broccoli and chopped tomato next to it, and hurried back to the computer to find out what horrendous thing was happening to my dear daughter.

    Whew! What a sigh of relief and what a smile your post put on my face and Sarah may be an artist extraordinaire, but you are a writer extraordinaire! Great title…fun post…I love orange too, but I changed my mind along time ago…way before it became “the color”.

    I would definitely feel manipulated if I started liking pink. Remember when that dear friend of mine told me that our personalities were “PINK”. No…I don’t think so…not me. Her theory had to be wrong. Now, blue…always love blue…

    I love your collage…another thing you are gifted at! Love the font!

    1. Oh Mom! I’m sorry for your panic. You poor thing. But I do think it’s hilarious that you would jump to such conclusions!

      As far as pink…I’m with you on that one, you know. But I am afraid that will change too. We’ll both be wearing pink by 2014. Just wait and see! 😉

  3. You manipulated?? No way. Never! You just discovered a hidden love for orange that has been there all along! 😉
    I love orange and will wear it even if it isn’t the color of the year! It is one happy color. 🙂 that is a great tea pot!!!

    1. AaHAA!!! So that’s IT, is it?!?!?! Right. That “hidden love”. It was just dying for an excuse to reveal itself!

      I feel so much better now. Thank you!

      (So….is this comment of yours manipulating, I wonder? ) 😉 🙂

  4. I love orange. And pink. And many other colors. But then I like to go against the grain just to prove that I am not a crowd follower. Love the post. I am not much of a reader, but your writing is very intriguing. Thank-you.

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