Evidence of Learning

So I’m taking a Skinny-mini Photoshop ecourse by Kim Klassen…and having a lot of fun. For homework today I had to do a couple of photos and post them on my blog. Here they are. Nothing radical…but I’m learning!

The original, and then what I did to them:


Before and After

Okay, so remember this post? About me texturing?


May I have a drum roll, please???


It’s done!!!! Accomplished. Achieved. Closed. Completed. Concluded. Finished. A wrap.


Wanna see pictures? I hope so…cause if you keep scrolling down, you’re going to see them. Cause I WANT you to see them!!!


I got impatient and pulled a piece of the paper off before I took pics. Me??? Impatient??? NO……

Most of the wallpaper is gone….but all those nail holes and joints!!!
Sometimes, it isn’t fun to see what’s underneath…
On this wall, there were four names in pencil: Ingaborg, Gerd, Jack, Two-pump
Evidence of the work done over 30 years ago by my grandmother and her sister and their two husbands. That was fun to find…and will never be seen again.
Just one coat of primer and it looked better already!
Felt like I was icing a strawberry cake when I opened the new bucket of mud and saw this!
After the mud, another coat of primer and then finally….the paint.
And then the new curtain and all the hardware was finally hung…and it’s done!
Ready to see the ‘after’ shots?
Are you sure?
I love the rug that Grandma and I found at TJ MAXX. So perfect!
I tried not to freak out when I found these old drawers out in Grandpa’s shop…they came from his mother’s sewing machine. After calmly saying, “These shouldn’t be out here.” he told me that if I could find something to put his junk in, I could have them. They are beautiful!
Probably one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever done. Really.
And aside from having to break some of the fixtures off of the walls because they were hung so well all those years ago, it went surprisingly smoothly. I had a lot of fun with it….and now I’m looking around here thinking…”Hmmm…what next?”
Don’t tell Grandpa I said that! 😉

Gott Nytt År

January 1, 2012.

I know…this is the first day of a new year. I feel like I’m completely out of step with most of the world if I don’t acknowledge that. After all, thinking about a new year is rather the same feeling as writing that first word into a brand new notebook, you know? You have no idea what will be in that notebook…no idea how long it will take you to fill said notebook. Or if it will get lost, or burned or soaked before you can finish it.

I love new notebooks, and I have to say…I’m not sure I’ve ever finished one. Guess that says a bit about me, no?

The air is thick with resolutions and good intentions on this day of the year. My one resolution today is not to make any resolutions today.


I have been too busy making all sorts of resolutions for the past two months. I don’t need this day or this new calendar to make those more meaningful. I think I’ve overwhelmed myself a bit with all the resolutions I’ve made. Whatever happens…it’s going to be a busy year!

I plan to:

Learn to play that uke I bought.

And don’t forget about my beloved guitar while I’m at it.

Knit. A sweater. This year. Yes…I said that.

Crochet. Snowflakes to cover all those mysterious holes in the scarf I’m knitting.

Learn Swedish.

And then Hawaiian.

Work with photoshop…taking a class coming up soon and I’m so excited!

Complete every single video project I’ve started.

Exercise regularly so that I can walk up the hill from the lake without getting out of breath. Does that sound pathetic? It is.

Cut way back on sugar. WAY back. *gulp*

Organize the little house completely.

Organize the kitchen here in Grandma’s house.

Clean out the garage.

Go through the things in the store-room.

Finish the bathroom at the little house…and the repairs here in the dining room and living room. (I HAVE to write SOMETHING I can cross off soon!)

Sing more.

Write. Every day. Something.

Go visit Tamara.

Read more books. Good-for-me-exercise-my-brain kind of books.

Memorize scripture.

Stay in touch with my friends better. I have been awful.

Make new friends.

Be open to new experiences.

Be surrendered to God’s leading.

Every day, look at something…at least one thing…that I normally take for granted and see it as if I have never seen it before.

The list could go on and on and on. These are just the things that are on my mind…every day. Whew! It feels good to write them all down. I should do that more often. I’m not a list maker. I only lose the lists I do try to make.

Make lists and keep them. As in…don’t lose them.

I have to say, I’m afraid of 2012. And no…it doesn’t have anything to do with Mayan prophecies or that movie “2012”. But I have a feeling it’s going to be a very unsettling year.

A year from today, can we all look back on this post and laugh together about how silly I’m being? Yes? Okay then! It’s a date.

Good thing I’m not making any resolutions today, huh?