A New Name

It isn’t really a new name. It’s as old as I am. But it’s a new language. Well, not at all a new language….it’s an ancient language. But it’s my own old name in an ancient language…which is very new to me.

Kahehi Onalani

Isn’t it beautiful! That’s my middle name in Hawaiian. I know…cause a Hawaiian told me so.

He’s a friend of Caleb’s who is visiting, and in the midst of listening to his soft, melodic voice singing those beautiful traditional Hawaiian songs (which I could listen to all day long) and talking about all things Hawaiian…from the history of the Islands, to hula, and from the disappearing culture to our favorite fruits…he told us his sister’s name. I don’t remember it, but it was long and lovely. And then we talked about the language. I love to hear the Hawaiian language. So I asked him and he told me that in Hawaiian, my middle name is Kahehi onalani.

Mahalo! (Thank you.) I’ll keep it.

And after I finish learning Swedish…I’m going to learn Hawaiian.

How do you say, “Dream on” in Hawaiian? ….or Swedish?


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