Feeling Fruity….or…Lessons from a Mango

In Hawaii…

What’s that???

Yes, I’m going to talk about Hawaii again. Of course I am. You can’t spend ten days on a gorgeous island in the middle of the Pacific and just stop thinking about it all of a sudden! It’s not possible!


In Hawaii, enjoying incredible, delicious, amazing tropical fruit is a daily occurrence. And let me tell you…I LOVE incredible, delicious, amazing tropical fruit. Papayas, pineapples, coconuts, lychee nuts, (and yes, I made that a link because I have a feeling many people don’t know what that is) guavas, passion fruit, mangos…I LOVE them all. Can’t get enough, really. And it’s a highlight of being in tropical places to be able to partake of such lusciousness. It can’t be duplicated here. It really can’t.

I feel the same way about cherries since our visit to Chelan, Washington a few years ago. Never before or since have I had cherries like the ones we feasted on there. Oh my….they were amazing.

And Colorado peaches. Wow. Oklahoma has good peaches (in season), but those Palisade peaches…

But here I am, back in Oklahoma, where even the apples we get are rumored to be up to ten months old. I am missing Hawaii. I am missing that tropical fruit!I have a cold, and some of that God-given sweetness would feel so soothing to my sore throat. I could be better in no time after a dip in that salt water ocean, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D along with a fresh pineapple-coconut smoothie. Mmmm…such a nice dream!

Still. That’s no excuse. I knew better. And what’s more…I KNEW I knew better.

*insert dreamy flashback whatchamacallit here*

I’m standing in a grocery store in E– and completely taken in by the lushness that comes from two long-ago flowers on a mango tree in Brazil. In that love that is so often called blind, and with mouth-watering visions of juicy splendor, I buy them and take them home.

They look right and ready so I take out my two plastic baggies and carefully shield my skin…willing to risk an allergic reaction for the sake of such divine goodness…but not too twitter-pated to not be cautious. Slowly, I peel the red skin away….revealing the golden-ness of the treasured fruit…and then deftly I slice that anticipated sweetness away from the inedible seed.

It is brown inside. Brown and strange and hard and OH so disappointing!!!!


Some experiences are meant to be enjoyed in the moment and then forever in your memory. Some things just aren’t supposed to be duplicated. Ever.

I KNEW that I knew better.



7 thoughts on “Feeling Fruity….or…Lessons from a Mango

  1. Haha, I too have learned that lesson! Perfect post for me today as I am craving a deliciously fresh, naturally ripened peach… in the middle of November πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe you’d better come back here. It is, as you can imagine, sunny, and the water has been clear. The little neon fish ask where you are. The box jellyfish promise not to sting. Today we’ll have more papaya, cold from the frig, with white yogurt in the cold hollow left by the seeds, and ripe mango is falling from the tree. How can you resist?

  3. Dad! Why is Hawaii…and you…so far away?!?!? Why can’t I just close my eyes and wiggle my nose and BE there? I would SO be there if I could. You’re right. I can’t resist. But YOU explain to Grandma and Jack where I disappeared to, okay?

    1. You can’t wiggle your nose when it’s stuffed with kleenex… Hope you feel better soon!!!

      And Hawaii won’t help!!! Just look outside the window at the beautifulness here…

      Yellow and Red and Orange and Gold and all different hues of autumn glow and you can never ever have that in Hawaii…

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