Writing Class

I’m taking a writing class! Isn’t that exciting! I think so! Thanks to my dad…since he signed me up. I guess it helps to have connections, you know.  😉

If ever you want to take a writing class, may I recommend writers.com?

Anyway, I thought I’d share my first assignment here:

Assignment 1 10/31/11

 Family History

 I spent the day with my niece. My niece.  I love to be with her. I love to look at her and see glimpses of my brother (her father) and sister and father and mother in her. I love that we have the same initials and that she’s old enough now to think that’s pretty cool too. I love to hear her say she wishes I lived nearer – because I know that means she loves being with me as well.  There’s nothing like knowing we are family – forever united by the same blood that courses through our veins – and our fathers’ veins and their fathers’ veins. We have history.

 It’s Papa’s birthday today. He’s been gone almost two years now and I still miss him. Growing up, I thought he was one of the most amazing men that ever lived. I still do. I loved him deeply. He was my step-grandfather. We shared no common blood, and I don’t look like him. But we are family – forever united by the love that coursed through our hearts. We have history.


7 thoughts on “Writing Class

  1. I love this writing Sage! I, too, had considered taking writing classes via writers.com! Just too much on my plate at this time. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more.

    1. Oh, DeeDee! I wish that you could be taking this with me! It’d be fun to have you there. Maybe some day we can take a class together. Anyway….this Wabi Sabi class is pretty neat. I think you’d like it. Thanks for the encouragement!

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