Got My Voice Back

I am a procrastinator. Severely and shamefully so.

For example:

I have a pair of pants that needed to be hemmed because they were that awkward length that is too short to comfortably be pants and too long to be capris. Yep, THAT length. So one day I decided to hem them and make them inescapably capris. But not that day. I wanted to wear them THAT day…and didn’t have time to hem them.┬áNo problem…Mr. Safe T. Pin has come to the rescue many times before, and did the trick then. My only fear was that I would have to walk through a metal detector for some strange reason, and then it would be silly to have to explain why I have 42 dozen pins around the hem of each pant leg. Merciful for my pride, there were none of those machines in my path that day…or for the next 482 days. Might as well leave well enough alone, no?

I put them in my to-do pile…only to grab them away if I wanted to wear them. And I did. I wore them to lots of places….hoping no one would notice the bright flash of metal that sometimes caught my eye and determining to not wear them again before I put an official hem in them.

Time passed.

Here at my grandparents house I have my computer set up on the sewing machine table, since Grandma doesn’t sew much anymore. But a few weeks ago she decided she wanted to make some pillows. We found some beautiful material, and I cleared off her sewing spot and set up the machine. Then I went home for a few days, and though I’ve been back for over a week, I didn’t set up my computer again….because I told myself that I wouldn’t put the sewing machine away until I had hemmed those pants.

I do have an iPod, and used that to check my mail and look at a few things here or there…but very little, really. Honestly…I’ve enjoyed my break! I love being off of Facebook. I loved only checking my mail once or twice a day. But there were emails to respond to and blog posts to write and pictures and videos and blogs to read and see. I feel a bit like I’ve lost my voice, in an online sense, and I’m excited to be able to say “Hello!” again.


I hemmed the pants.


I felt so pleased with myself that I finally did it. The conversation in my head went something like this:

“Wooohooo!!!! You did it!!! You DID it!!!! The pants are hemmed!!! Finally! Way to be productive!!!!”

And then the response….

“Ummm…heeelllloooo!!! It’s been about a year and a half and that took you all of five minutes. Why are you feeling good about yourself???? You could have done that hundreds of thousands of times already, but NOOOOoooooOOOO…you had to continually put it off. And you feel proud of yourself?!?! Get real. And you know what else? There are lots of other things in your life that you could just DO and feel that sense of accomplishment and productivity and be DONE with it instead of constantly carrying it around in your mind and in your to-do pile, you know????”

“Yeah…I know. And I’m going to. Just wait till you see what else I’m going to get done…


And now my computer is set up and I have my voice back. I have much to catch up on. Off to answer some emails!