I’ve Been Blogging

I’ve been blogging…just not here. Visit http://thesistersfour.wordpress.com/ for updates on our Hawaii trip.



Transferring Blogs

Furthering my attempt to be rid of all things google, I’ve transferred a couple more blogs to wordpress.

Some old, old stories of our family band: http://naylorfamilyband.wordpress.com/

And the seldom updated, often neglected sister stories: http://thesistersfour.wordpress.com/

That last one….Sisters Four….it’s been updated. http://thesistersfour.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/11/


Destination Tokyo

A couple nights ago we watched a World War II movie together…Grandpa Jack, Grandma and me.

And we really, really enjoyed it. I appreciated some of the messages it contained, and found it very interesting to think about the way the US used propaganda to keep interest and support positive for the American people during the war. I always think of the word “propaganda” in a negative sense, but it was so blatant in this movie…as if the whole movie was made just for that purpose. Actually, propaganda is all around us all the time….but I’m not going to go into that now. Back to the movie…

It was exciting. Suspenseful. Interesting. We laughed. And we cried.

And….Cary Grant was in it. Need I say more? 😉

But what was really interesting about the movie was watching it with Jack. Nothing brings a moment in history to life like hearing the stories first hand. Jack was there. Not on this actual trip, but he was in the South Pacific during the war. The airplane that we saw land in the water just off the Aleutian Islands was just like the one he first flew as a pilot in the Navy. He knew the meaning of the stripes on the uniforms. He knew what they were talking about when they mentioned different maneuvers and strategies and technicalities. The story was based on actual events. He remembered it. In fact, Imdb says that “The operation of the submarine as shown in this movie was so accurate that the Navy used it as a training film during World War II”.

Jack explained what the anti-submarine nets were and how they were used and what they were made of and how “we” avoided them. He understood the feelings the men voiced about the Japanese…had felt what they said…and has overcome. Watching this with him made me realize that this wasn’t just a war movie. This was a snapshot of life…a life that he had lived through.

The movie was two hours long, and then we sat for another 30 minutes as Jack pointed out interesting “trivia”. The next day, he had some files out holding his navy records from when he enlisted till he resigned, as well as photographs of a handsome, young Navy pilot in those amazing uniforms.

I kept wishing my “little brothers” could be there to hear him. ALL my little brothers…especially the ones that are so interested in war history. You know who you are…and you would have loved it. I know I did.


Red Shoes

I bought a pair of red shoes. I think they may be the only pair of red shoes I have ever owned.

(Unless I had a pair of red Keds back when Keds were “IT”. I’m not sure if I did or not…Tera might have been the one with the red Keds and I had navy. Funny how you forget that stuff.)

Anyway, I believe that makes them blog worthy. They’re cute. They are SO cute, in fact, that this is the second blog post in which they are featured. Tera immortalized them on her fantastic color blog which you can visit by clicking right here.

Cute…and TOTALLY not me. All summer long for the past two summers I have chosen between two pairs of flip flops. Brown or black. When I want to be REALLY adventurous and make a statement, I grab the navy ones with the little flowers shyly embroidered across the tops. Or my gray-ish walking shoes for those occasions that call for something more rugged. When I dress up during the winter, I choose between two pairs of sturdy loafer pumps. Black or brown. Oh, and I have a pair of pretty black satin flats with black beads.

I’m serious.

So, on a cool and cloudy day that made flip flops seem extraordinarily ridiculous, Grandma and I went shopping.  I saw the shoes and thought they were cute and said so.

“You should get them!” said she.

“No,” said I. “I couldn’t. I would never wear them! I have NOTHING red to wear with them…..but….they are cute.”

“You should get them.” said she.

And I did.

So Daring

And then we went to Wal-mart and I slipped off my trust ol’ flipflops that no one ever noticed and put on the red shoes. Every single person in the parking lot stared at my shoes as I walked by. They were like two SOS beacons that traveled with me…right into the lettuce and spinach section, past the canned peaches and pineapple, through the condiment aisle, up to the dairy department and then back to the express lane. Steadfastly resisting the urge to close my eyes and click my heels together while repeating “There’s no place like home.” over and over to myself until I actually found myself there, I only made it through the terrifying ordeal because it was a short list that day.

But I liked the shoes. I REALLY liked the shoes. They make me smile when I see them, and I even bought a red scarf to wear with them. They inspire me.

Red in the Garden

Then I went home for a concert. And decided to wear the shoes. But it took courage, I have to tell you. COURAGE. I had to be brave as I determined to wear them. I had to overcome the desire to camouflage my feet, and therefore myself so that nothing would be noticed. “Deep breath, Sage…you can do this.”

With bolsters of support that were my mother and sisters assuring me that they loved the shoes, and that I should definitely wear them, I resolutely marched out of the house and into the car. No turning back now.

“Gulp. Don’t be self-conscious, Sage. No one is going to notice your shoes that shine like Rudolph’s nose on a snowy nighty. Or the red that makes the red, white and blue trio as in Fourth of July fireworks that light up the sky. Or the stripes on a barber’s pole that lets the WHOLE TOWN know where to get a hair cut…..or…..stop it, Sage. Just walk.”

I walked into the church where the concert was held with all the braveness my very unfashionable-ness could muster and………….. smiled as I breathed a sigh of relief.

The carpet was almost EXACTLY the red of my shoes. As were the pew cushions. Everywhere I looked, I saw red. Red as the shoes that I now call my favorites and wear without fear whenever I want too….whether they match or not.

Thank you, Tera, for the photos. I love that first one, obviously. 😉

Got My Voice Back

I am a procrastinator. Severely and shamefully so.

For example:

I have a pair of pants that needed to be hemmed because they were that awkward length that is too short to comfortably be pants and too long to be capris. Yep, THAT length. So one day I decided to hem them and make them inescapably capris. But not that day. I wanted to wear them THAT day…and didn’t have time to hem them. No problem…Mr. Safe T. Pin has come to the rescue many times before, and did the trick then. My only fear was that I would have to walk through a metal detector for some strange reason, and then it would be silly to have to explain why I have 42 dozen pins around the hem of each pant leg. Merciful for my pride, there were none of those machines in my path that day…or for the next 482 days. Might as well leave well enough alone, no?

I put them in my to-do pile…only to grab them away if I wanted to wear them. And I did. I wore them to lots of places….hoping no one would notice the bright flash of metal that sometimes caught my eye and determining to not wear them again before I put an official hem in them.

Time passed.

Here at my grandparents house I have my computer set up on the sewing machine table, since Grandma doesn’t sew much anymore. But a few weeks ago she decided she wanted to make some pillows. We found some beautiful material, and I cleared off her sewing spot and set up the machine. Then I went home for a few days, and though I’ve been back for over a week, I didn’t set up my computer again….because I told myself that I wouldn’t put the sewing machine away until I had hemmed those pants.

I do have an iPod, and used that to check my mail and look at a few things here or there…but very little, really. Honestly…I’ve enjoyed my break! I love being off of Facebook. I loved only checking my mail once or twice a day. But there were emails to respond to and blog posts to write and pictures and videos and blogs to read and see. I feel a bit like I’ve lost my voice, in an online sense, and I’m excited to be able to say “Hello!” again.


I hemmed the pants.


I felt so pleased with myself that I finally did it. The conversation in my head went something like this:

“Wooohooo!!!! You did it!!! You DID it!!!! The pants are hemmed!!! Finally! Way to be productive!!!!”

And then the response….

“Ummm…heeelllloooo!!! It’s been about a year and a half and that took you all of five minutes. Why are you feeling good about yourself???? You could have done that hundreds of thousands of times already, but NOOOOoooooOOOO…you had to continually put it off. And you feel proud of yourself?!?! Get real. And you know what else? There are lots of other things in your life that you could just DO and feel that sense of accomplishment and productivity and be DONE with it instead of constantly carrying it around in your mind and in your to-do pile, you know????”

“Yeah…I know. And I’m going to. Just wait till you see what else I’m going to get done…


And now my computer is set up and I have my voice back. I have much to catch up on. Off to answer some emails!