Crystal Moments

Ever have “crystal moments”?
{Side note: (Not sure this is really a side note. More like a PS…but I don’t want to put it at the end of the post, so I’ll call it a side note. Back to the side note.)
It’s so funny…I thought several times this week, “That was a crystal moment.” “For SURE a crystal moment!”
And then I was like, “What do I even mean when I think “crystal moment”? I don’t know where I got that. Must have picked it up somewhere, cause when I googled it just now, I found that others have crystal moments too. Ah well…so much for brilliant original thoughts. }
Back to what I started writing about. Maybe we should just start fresh?
Ever have “crystal moments”? Moments that are so beautiful you want to freeze them so that they will last forever. You know…those times that take your breath away and put tears in your eyes and give your heart an extra beat or two. Just because they do. They can be big and grand. Or simple, everyday somethings that you suddenly don’t take for granted.
This week I had three in one day.
Grandma has a fig tree…a BEAUTIFUL  fig tree that is full of loads of delicious bites of bliss.
This was a couple months ago. They’re ripe now.
She went out, picked a bowl full of them and asked if I wanted to go take some down to the neighbor’s with her.
This particular neighbor is a sweetheart. Being one of the younger generation in the neighborhood (under 70) she is so good at taking care of everyone, checking in on people, willing to do anything as soon as anyone asks. Yep, a sweetheart.
She met us at the door with a jar of freshly canned tomato sauce. Lovely. Bright. Red. Homemade. Tomato sauce.
“From your garden?” I asked. “Have you gotten many tomatoes this year?”
“Yes, they are from the garden, but we’ve hardly gotten any. I picked them all and canned them today. Ended up with four quarts.”
“TING!” (That’s the sign of a crystal moment. You know…that beautiful “ting” that only crystal can produce.)
Only four quarts…and she was giving one of them to us. A bit overwhelming, really. All that work…from planting and weeding and watering to picking and canning. And she was sharing it with us so generously.
I made spaghetti and meatballs with the sauce that night. It was the most delicious sauce I’ve ever eaten.
Earlier that same day I sat down with Grandma to have coffee. She likes to have coffee everyday, usually using her fancy tea cups. I love that. There was something about it that day….sitting there with her, drinking coffee out of the lovely tea cups that have been around for decades, laughing with  her about anything and nothing…
Can’t these moments please go on forever?
Grandma always likes to have something sweet to eat with her coffee. We make cinnamon rolls and she freezes them…bringing them out one at a time to have with her coffee. One batch lasts her a long time, but that day I realized she was out, so I made another batch. Always like to leave her with lots in the freezer when I go home.
I needed to cover the dough so it would rise and went to the linen closet, pulled out a dishcloth, wet it and laid it over the bowl. Grandma has stacks and stacks of dish clothes. Until recently she ironed them all, because she always did, and “it kind of hurts my feelings when I see them not ironed.”
The towel I had taken had the initials “JD” embroidered on it.
“Grandma, who is JD?”
“Julia Danielson.” she said with pride. “My mother.”
My mother loves cinnamon rolls. She taught me to make them. My grandmother loves cinnamon rolls. I make them for her. And here I was, using a cloth that my great-grandmother who I never met embroidered her initials on…years and years and years ago. I wonder if she ever thought about who would use her towels when she was gone…or what kind of granddaughters and great-granddaughters she would have? There were at least four generations in that kitchen at that moment. Four generations of bread-baking, cardamom-loving women. I love that. In fact…..
That was a double “TING!” for me.
“Remind me of this with every decision. Generations will reap what I sow. I can pass on a curse or a blessing to those I will never know….To my great-great-great-granddaughter, live in peace… ” Sara Groves 

14 thoughts on “Crystal Moments

  1. This is a lovely post! I have never heard the term "crystal moment" before but I have had them 🙂 Now I have something to call those moments that God so graciously blesses us with!!

  2. Awww…I'm so glad to be one of those four generations…I fit cozily right there between you and mormor…I love that song by Sara Groves…I love the cinnamon rolls…I love the cardamom…I love Mormor's Mor and her embroidered towel…I love these crystal moments…I love you… ❤

  3. Those "tings" are magical….as is this post! However rather than a ting…I'd give it a more gong sound…reverberating!! Love your writings, Sage.

  4. Beautiful! There are so many people who don't have special grandmothers like ours to share these type of moments with. I feel bad for them! And…..why haven't I ever had one of these cinnamon rolls?????

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