The Coffee Shop

A group of eight ladies…all silver haired. Except for the one on the end…I think she’s wearing a wig. Sharing coffee at a coffee shop.

“Excuse me, I didn’t hear you. I’m hard of hearing.” said one sparkling eyed matron.

“Aren’t we all!”

General snickers around the table.

A business man in shorts and an izod…laptop, files and an incessantly ringing iPhone. Loudly incessant. I wish he spoke a little more loudly. Tera and I can’t tell if he’s Scottish, English or South African.

A loud, nasally cackle from across the shop.

A family talking about a 34 year old they know who has never seriously dated anyone. Crazy.

I’m not meaning to eavesdrop. It just happens. Snatches of conversation with each sip of blackberry latte freddo. And the blueberry muffin was yummy too.

There ARE advantages to not having internet at home.


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