Fruit Salad Anyone?

I was out watering the garden this morning, taking advantage of the relative coolness before 100 degree temps drive me inside for the rest of the day. It was peaceful and lovely, and I was enjoying it…until suddenly…..I saw a squirrel run up to Grandma’s apple tree.

“Surely not.” I thought to myself. “Surely that squirrel is not going to run up that tree while I’m standing here watching it!”
Guess what?
It DID!!!
And it started munching on an apple. Resourceful guardian that I am, I aimed a forceful spray of water at that oversized rodent and sprayed it right out of the tree.
VICTORY!!!! Feeling smug and triumphant, I gave a little laugh and thought…next time, Squirrel…it’ll be a gun I aim at you, not a water hose.
Guess what that squirrel did next. It ran over to the peach tree…that was even NEARER to me than the apple tree…and ran right up in the branches.
This, my friends, meant war.
 I went over and turned the water up all the way and shot a powerful stream of water right into the branches. Pesky (I’ve named him that) just ran to another branch, and then sat and looked at me, till I shot him with another spray of water. After repeating that several times, he grabbed a peach and ran off into the woods.
Defeat. Utter defeat. He’s probably out there right now enjoying another of my tomatoes.
And I know that I’m not going to shoot him with a gun. Never name someone you plan to shoot.
I guess we can share our peaches. For now.

4 thoughts on “Fruit Salad Anyone?

  1. "Never name someone you plan to shoot" ^Good sound advice… we made the mistake of naming our chickens. They are now pets instead of future dinners 😉 I enjoy reading your blog! Keep on posting 🙂

  2. Oh…I hate that. I don't like sharing peaches with squirrels. Note…I said peaches plural, because he's not going to stop with just one…I bought some deer repellant today called Bobbex, made out of mountain lion urine. The lady told me the deer won't come near it. I suggest you get yourself a bottle of the spray and use that instead of water…The neighbors out here say that I am just making a deer haven when I put flowers in. Not this year…It's war…Oh…and you should hear the chipmunks chatter angrily at me when I weed the hill. You'd think they owned it…

  3. Thank you so much, Rachel, for your kind words. That's funny about your chickens. I've never gotten attached to a chicken myself…but I can see how that could happen. ;)Mom, I look forward to hearing how the bobbex works. There was an article in the paper about making deer repellant with rotten eggs. I think that sounds like more misery than some home grown tomatoes are worth. 😉 The chipmunks think they own that hill, Mom….they are wondering why YOU think YOU own it! 😉 ❤

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