How the Cookie Crumbles

I walked out of the library this morning with my hands full of books and my purse. My hair was falling in my face and my sunglasses had something on the right lens, making the world kind of half foggy. I finagled stuff around to unlock the car door and as I was getting in, I hit my purse on the door frame and heard a peculiar “POP”. Throwing the books into the passenger seat, I proceeded to scrounge around in my bag.

“I MUST clean this out!” I thought to myself as I weeded through papers, my wallet, ginger chews and dramamine (the don’t-leave-home-without-it part of my life in Arkansas), a butterscotch candy wrapper, three different kinds of lip balm, an extra pair of sunglasses…you get the picture. Finally I found the culprit. A fortune cookie from lunch a few days ago. Forgot that was in there! Not only had the plastic wrapper “popped” but the cookie had crumbled completely and now there are crumbs all over the bottom of my purse.

I grabbed the mess and threw it into the trash bag in the car, but a moment later I became curious as to what sort of “fortune” would come from such an ill-fated cookie. So I grabbed it back and carefully took out the little piece of paper.

Your mentality is alert, practical and analytical.
Oh, the irony!!!
That was the cookie that was supposed to be Jack’s, but he didn’t want it so he gave it to me. True story.

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