Lessons From The Garden

I have discovered something about myself.
I have GREAT thoughts when I weed the garden. Not just good thoughts. Not even great thoughts. I have GREAT thoughts. You know what I mean? It’s just so easy to be philosophically fruitful when you have your hands in the dirt and you’re among plants. Not just any plants, of course. Garden plants are  chosen specifically for what they can give. Be it fruit, vegetable, beauty, aroma, healing, life lessons, philosophically GREAT thoughts…garden plants are givers.
I weeded the garden today. Hours of GREAT philosophical thoughts…here are a few to share with you.
1. It feels really good to clean out a neglected bed. To just get in there and get dirty and sweaty and bug eaten. To ruin your nails and tear your skin while fighting the dread enemy…weeds. Gotta do that to my heart sometimes too. Not fun in the process…but the results are worth it.
2. It’s funny how something can be a coveted possession in one place…and a horrible nuisance in another. Mint, for example. LOVE that it’s growing where the mint should grow. But it MUST not grow where the rosemary grows. Mint is one plant I really love to work around though. Olfactory delight, every time. Violets are some of my favorite early spring flowers. But they are taking over the iris bed…and therefore have become weeds. Crazy. I hate pulling them out. I love them too much. Yes, you can easily apply that to your heart as well. Even good things can become bad for you if you are not careful and moderate.
Violets that need to be pulled. Very sad.
3. There are so many ways to tell the same story. And presentation is everything. Case in point:

Starting in the cool of the morning, I gradually made my way through the raised beds full of lovely varieties of fragrant herbs and earthy tomato plants, past the golden marigold…lovingly tidying up the beds as I went along. Finding myself at the peach tree, I lingered under its sheltering branches and rested from the sun. 

Could just as truthfully be this:

It was muggy from the moment I walked out the door this morning, but at least it was slightly cooler than it would be later, so I worked hard to get as much done as I could before the heat became intolerable. I felt myself get angry all over again when I saw the poor branches where my tomatoes SHOULD have been, had not an unknown enemy stolen the fruits of my labor from me. Sweating profusely, and feeling itchy from the bugs, I found myself under the peach tree and thought I’d enjoy the shade for a few minutes…until I noticed HUNDREDS of ants all over the ground and crawling up and down the tree trunk. Ugh, how I hate bugs.  

See…it’s all about perspective.

Sheltering Peach Tree
4. I like the smell of OFF better than the smell of this bug repellent that I picked up at the health food store. I hope the bugs feel the same way.
5. If you aren’t sure if something is a weed, give it an ever-so-gentle, tiny little pull. If it comes out…it wasn’t a weed.
And then the blaring sun drove all GREAT and philosophical thoughts away. I’ll have to go out again in the early cool of another morning to finish the weeding and think some more.
The apple tree is LOADED with apples. EXCITING!!!!
Her Lavender is glorious!!!
I love how my grandmother cuts flowers as often as she can to bring into the house.
Lovely, lovely lavender.
 How’s your garden this year?

5 thoughts on “Lessons From The Garden

  1. Wonderfully worded! I saw in this a reminder that there is a constant need to weed before they take over or become so rooted that they are HARD to pull out(weeds in the garden and in our hearts)! Water the soil and the weeds come out easier! So water the soul with Living Water and the weeds come out easier! Thanks Sage! And it sounds like you really did focus on the LORD ( His blessings and right perspective) so that you did not fall for the enemy's ( bugs, sweat, heat, and ants) irritations! Now enjoy the lavender and grandparents tonight!!! Both Joyous!

  2. I came over here from your blog on hsa and just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post. =) Since I have been spending a lot of time out weeding in our own garden, I appreciated what you shared about having the right perspective and a pleasant attitude. It makes such a difference doing things with a smile, knowing that every bit is work done for the Lord – even in this crazy heat and while being divebombed by cicadas. =)By the way, your garden is beautiful!

  3. Hello! I feel privileged to have been told about your blog….even if it was WAY after it was started. That's what I get for banning FB! Bring some lavendar home with you if Grandma wouldn't mind sharing. It's so pretty!!

  4. Debbie, you are an incredible encourager! Thank you!Tera, you're a great writer too! You should update your blog. ;)Hey, Leah! Thanks for stopping by!! And for the comment. Hope your garden is doing well!Alicia, come get the lavender yourself! 😉 And I didn't tell anybody about it for a while. You weren't as far out of the loop as you feel. Really.

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