Thank you, Jeremy!

I have this super cool brother who can do anything with a computer. And a camera. Even take super cool photos of himself. See?

They are so small because I just quickly pulled them off of his amazing website. You should check that out here.
Anyway…this particular amazing brother of mine just designed this blog for me. I left a note for him on FB. It said:
Someday…when you have absolutely nothing better to do…will you make my blog into something really cool?I want it simple, and light, and cool. And reflective of me…is that impossible? Simple, light, cool AND reflective of me? Ummm…that might be impossible.”
And then HE said:
“‎🙂 sure.. I’ll give it a try ! What blog? :D”
And now I have this. Isn’t it perfect??!?!?! Isn’t he amazing?!?!?!
Thank you, Jeremy!!!! I love it. And I love you.

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