Breaking Through

Why would I be intimidated by a blog? I am, you know. Just in case I haven’t made that painfully
obvious…I am.
Intimidated by naming it, designing it, titling the posts…yeah, even writing it.
People say I should be a writer. It would be fun to be a writer, but I don’t want to learn to write. I just want to BE a writer. Blogging could be a really good way to figure out how serious I am about writing.
But then there is this whole strangeness of content in an online blog. What will I write about? Can it be anything? Shall I write about day-to-day adventures…or day to day blah, as the case may be…in the same blog that I may at times use to vent about all the evils of the world and MY excellent ideas on how to save it? Shall I be anonymous…hiding my identity so I can more freely express my real self…doing away with inhibitions about how I will be judged by my friends, neighbors and enemies…all who may find themselves reading ABOUT themselves through the eyes of Sage. (I think I may have just blown the anonymous option with that last sentence.)
But if I can get past all those questions and just break through…a blog could be perfect for me.
For one thing, there is no real commitment. Unless I make one. But as it stands, I can come and write here whenever I so desire.
I have trouble with finishing things. Lots of beginnings, very few “The End”..s. But with blogging, there doesn’t have to be an end. I can just write till I click the “Publish Post” button down on the left hand corner of my screen, and even if it’s in the middle of a sentence, voilà! It’s done. That is a freeing thought.
I can keep up the blog as frequently or infrequently as I’d like. No deadlines. No word counting. Just me and “Something Sage”. (Really? Something Sage? Is that really what I want the title to be?)
With a blog, I can make a mess of all grammatical rules. If my readers don’t like it…they can write their own blogs and strictly adhere to all standards of the written word. I will use as many ellipses as I can….whenever I can…however I can. By the way, I just learned that the plural of “ellipsis” is “ellipses”. Cool, no?
So really, blogging could turn out to be the PERFECT past time for me. We shall see. We shall see…

5 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Haha! Thanks Mom! I'll fix that. Viola is a town near here…but that's not what I was thinking I wanted to use there. What would I do without you? 😉

  2. This is so cool! I love the title "something Sage" ! I am a fan of all the Naylor writers!So I am your fan now! God has gifted each of you in an amazing way! You somehow have just the right words laid on your hearts and those words always touch others in a beautiful way. I am excited now to follow you as often as you give me a new "something sage" !Wow, I love the design your custom designer chose for you!

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